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Knowledge and Darkness dispute for supremacy in Delthia.

Two deities, Dedea and Dekheikos, have declared war and chaos falls upon Delthia.
Hermes, Hero of the Humans, needs all the support of Knowledge in order to repel Petneiros, Hero of the Undead, and commander of the Darkness forces.
“War for Delthia” is a competitive fantasy board game created by game designer Valerio Giagnoli.
In this strategic and tactical game, either 1vs1 or Multiplayer (All vs. All or 2vs2),
the players face each other on a chessboard, each with his own Race,
in order to try to smash the opposing race or to destroy their stronghold.
The very structure of the game “War for Delthia” is designed to be a board game that can stimulate minds and imagination thanks to its realistic miniatures and to its enthralling story.



15/45 Minutes


2-4 Players


14+ years old

Box content

24  Highly-Detailed Miniatures
1     Gameboard
1     Weather deck (40 Cards)
1   Power-up/Maleficium deck
(8 Power-up cards, 9 Maleficium cards)
1   Rulebook
2   Race Sheets
Category: Fantasy, Strategy&Tactical, Competitive, Miniature, Fighting
Language: English, Italiano
Publisher: Ego Games Studios
Designer: Valerio Giagnoli
Artists: Fabrizio Durigon, Andrea Negroponte, Laura Panìco.
3D Artists: Simone Ametta, Pietro Bellucci, Francesco Cavallo, Alysia Fentini, Gabiele Leone, Jacopo Murru, Tiziano Palumbo.
Expansions: “Humans vs Undead”, “Rhym-Thi vs Krargg”, “Giants vs Goblins”, “Day Patrons vs Night Patrons”, “Multiplayer”.